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Thursday, November 08, 2007

I back in EVE Online

Long time no posts.

Have been in and out in different MMOs the last couple of months. Everquest II, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Tabula Rosa, Star Wars Galaxies and WoW. But didn't actually find the time dedicate to gaming. It had also been a busy moths at work with several trip around the world.

But I have now signed up again in EVE Online. EVE Online I started playing in late beta and have been a active player until 2006. As I had before focus allot with my character in EVE on mining. I have not decided my future path EVE. I my only be focusing on trade right now I have 17M ISK and a large mining barges Covetor. Or I continue with my manufacturing training.

Se you in EVE

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Monday, June 04, 2007

I just love my PS3

I just bought a PS3 (3 weeks ago) it is actually my first console. And must say I just love the system I current play Motorstorm and Oblivion and my kids Jungle Party. Both game a very good Motorstorm with best psychic engine I have ever played and the music is so rock solid :) And Oblivion it so beautiful on the PS3 and the freedom in this game is amazing as I only played once on the PC this is a new game for me. I have now played almost half of main quest line in Oblivion. As an MMO fan I was very pleased with the current news that SOE announced a new MMO The Agency. A Spy vs Spy game in a MMO format and it looks like it also be multi platform support so there will be PS3 version. As PC gamer has the exclusive of the announcement not many details have been announced yet.

So what happen to my LOTRO play I have to say I cancel my account did not get in to the game just lvl10. And I think it is to WoW with a Tolkien team.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally got LOTRO

I finally got my LOTRO special edition today. Just installed everything and created my account as I live in Europe it is on the European servers. The special edition have a relay nice game manual that look like a real book. The only problem now is that all of the Europe servers are DOWN right now. I guess I have to watch "the making of DVD" instead or play SWG :(

Playing some SWG (Star Wars Galaxies)

As I have been waiting for my LOTRO delivery I have played the last few days some SWG and level up 14 with my Bounty Hunter. I was tired of WOW and wanted to do something different totally. I had a SWG toon for while when I had a Station Access but never played it seriously. But I had a really good time playing SWG this week when I had the time. But the server I play on is almost empty in the newbie area it is little bit sad I think.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Swedish embassy in SecondLife very soon

As I am from Sweden I think this is very cool. Sweden is open the first embassy in SecondLife 2 of june this year on two SL sims. And what I understand will our minister for foreign affairs Carl Bildt will also been online on the opening day. For more information follow this link Secondhouse of Sweden.

Monday, April 16, 2007

LOTRO European beta now ends but you can pre-oder!!?!?

Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) European beta now ends but you can pre-oder!?!?
Got this mail from Codemaster today and I have not got my pre-order keys yet. I am not very pleased with how the pre-order work here in Europe. I did a pre-oder on a large Swedish online shopping site. And it looks like you can only get pre-order keys if buy the pre-order pack in store or at Codemasters online store. So it looks like I have to wait until 24 of April when I get the psychical box by mail this sucks Codemaster.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ding lvl30 in WoW

Today I hit level 30 in World of Warcraft 40 levels to go...

SecondLife Goes Console

No but Sony is moving in on the virtual space with Home on the PlayStation 3 (PS3). It really looks great and what I understand it is a free service on the PS3. It could never have the freedom of SecondLife (SL) where you can almost create anything. But I am sure it would be more controlled than SL and that is good in many aspects. But also lose in the freedom that SL have. It looks also that Sony is reallying on the internal market in Home that you need to buy ( for real $ or points) all objects instead of you have ability to create. And it will be a virtual space for Sony to market there products like buy a 50' Sony plasma TV to your virtual apartment. So again looks great and I am sure is better tech than SL but could never have the freedom of SL.

See Sony GDC 2007 presentation of Home here.

Fallout MMO and IP sold

This very good news that Bethesda have bought the IP of Fallout from Interplay. And are now in "full-scale development of its FALLOUT MMOG..." I have played a lot Fallout 2 and it is a great IP looking forward on this and with Bethesda behind it can only be great.
Fallout IP Sold

Friday, April 13, 2007


So what I am playing now after Second Life. First I did play some Vanguard but after lvl10 and a nasty bug in when I should sign up for my trade skill I gave up.
So I have now playing WoW for some weeks and have a lvl29 Paladin.

See you in WoW I am playing on the EU Realm Ghostland.

Here is few weeks old but funny screen shoot of a PVP battle in Darkshire.

The raise and fall of Pharaohs Island in Second Life

Long time with no updates on my blog so not an ok start at all.

I would like to share some experience of my last activities in virtual space. I have been playing around a lot with Second Life (SL) since November last year. It all started that I did get tired with EQII ( I am still lvl40) and was reading a lot about activates in SL. I actually had an avatar in SL since 2005 "Sten Neruda". So did activate Sten again in November 2006 and also did start buying a small 512sqm land lot on the main land for 6000 Linden$ (2USD$). So I build some stuff I like Egyptian style and also did some scripting.

The after a while I got more and more interested in maybe I should go all the way and buy a private Island ( ) . I did consider I could do that and rent out the land. And also make Egyptian teamed Island (sim) I did see a lot of real estate business but mostly had not a teamed islands only flat land rental. So I did that after 4 weeks wait for Linden Land and final I was a Land Lord in SL and Pharaohs Island was born. I did a investment in rental system in SL my own was lacking to much functionality.

And in the first month all my land was rented and I had great time and did meet some very nice people. That also like to build and live a SL life in Egyptian style. I also build and opened a market on the Island. I did not allowed commercials on the rented land so residents have to use the market to sell stuff.

In January I decide to buy a second Island unfortunately Linden Lab had rise the price for both the monthly tier and start up fee. So the new Island (Pharaohs Island 2) I had to rent out almost all land to cover the monthly tier fee. And also now after one month I did mange to get L$ to pay the tier. I did open a second market to allow objects sale on the Island.

Now everyone is thinking that did go well and why are I am not doing this any more. The most important reason is time I have a full time RL work and a family. And could not mange work with real estate business maximum 2 hours per day. And with over 60 (including the market) residents and to keep unrented land on the market. Was almost impossible to give good service I don't want to be a land lord whats logs in once a week. Next issue was even if I meet many great people there are also many that don't are very nice. And do rent land and don't read any agreements and understand what rental is. So end lees arguments on different issues are very tier some.

So I have now sold both Island and can say I did a very small profit on this that absolutely not to cover the work time of 2 hours per day.

I still have my account open and have my small 512sqm land lot left to build and to use as a sandbox.

So in SL I am Sten Neruda drop by and say hi.

For more pictures see my Flickr page.